Source code for checkpoint

"""Uses `pickle` to save and restore populations (and other aspects of the simulation state)."""
from __future__ import print_function

import gzip
import random
import time

    import cPickle as pickle  # pylint: disable=import-error
except ImportError:
    import pickle  # pylint: disable=import-error

from neat.population import Population
from neat.reporting import BaseReporter

[docs]class Checkpointer(BaseReporter): """ A reporter class that performs checkpointing using `pickle` to save and restore populations (and other aspects of the simulation state). """ def __init__(self, generation_interval=100, time_interval_seconds=300, filename_prefix='neat-checkpoint-'): """ Saves the current state (at the end of a generation) every ``generation_interval`` generations or ``time_interval_seconds``, whichever happens first. :param generation_interval: If not None, maximum number of generations between save intervals :type generation_interval: int or None :param time_interval_seconds: If not None, maximum number of seconds between checkpoint attempts :type time_interval_seconds: float or None :param str filename_prefix: Prefix for the filename (the end will be the generation number) """ self.generation_interval = generation_interval self.time_interval_seconds = time_interval_seconds self.filename_prefix = filename_prefix self.current_generation = None self.last_generation_checkpoint = -1 self.last_time_checkpoint = time.time() def start_generation(self, generation): self.current_generation = generation def end_generation(self, config, population, species_set): checkpoint_due = False if self.time_interval_seconds is not None: dt = time.time() - self.last_time_checkpoint if dt >= self.time_interval_seconds: checkpoint_due = True if (checkpoint_due is False) and (self.generation_interval is not None): dg = self.current_generation - self.last_generation_checkpoint if dg >= self.generation_interval: checkpoint_due = True if checkpoint_due: self.save_checkpoint(config, population, species_set, self.current_generation) self.last_generation_checkpoint = self.current_generation self.last_time_checkpoint = time.time()
[docs] def save_checkpoint(self, config, population, species_set, generation): """ Save the current simulation state. """ filename = '{0}{1}'.format(self.filename_prefix, generation) print("Saving checkpoint to {0}".format(filename)) with, 'w', compresslevel=5) as f: data = (generation, config, population, species_set, random.getstate()) pickle.dump(data, f, protocol=pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)
[docs] @staticmethod def restore_checkpoint(filename): """Resumes the simulation from a previous saved point.""" with as f: generation, config, population, species_set, rndstate = pickle.load(f) random.setstate(rndstate) return Population(config, (population, species_set, generation))