About The Examples

Because neat-python is still changing fairly rapidly, attempting to run examples with a significantly newer or older version of the library will result in errors. It is best to obtain matching example/library code by using one of the two methods outlined below:

Install neat-python from PyPI using pip

To install the most recent release (version 0.92) from PyPI, you should run the command (as root or using sudo as necessary):

pip install neat-python

Note that the examples are not included with the package installed from PyPI, so you should download the source archive for release 0.92 and use the example code contained in it.

You may also just get the 0.92 release source, and install it directly using (as shown below) instead of pip.

Install neat-python from source using

Obtain the source code by either cloning the source repository:

git clone

or downloading the source archive for release 0.92.

Note that the most current code in the repository may not always be in the most polished state, but I do make sure the tests pass and that most of the examples run. If you encounter any problems, please open an issue on GitHub.

To install from source, simply run:

python install

from the directory containing